BTR Construction

Offering our Real Estate Partners a service that will help you close more deals, more quickly. Conveniently saving you time and money. We are a full-service general contractor. Instead of spending your valuable time meeting with and getting quotes from the plumber, electrician, drywall repair, etc., BTR will manage the vendors and repair request from beginning to end in a timely fashion. We make sure bid is submitted to you as one bid, the vendors show, and the work is done before closing.


Quick & Reliable Bids- Repair Requests

Our real estate partners rely on us to get their bid out within 48 hours for repair requests so that buyers and sellers can make tough negotiations quickly and reliably. No need to call multiple contractors, and wait on your electrician, plumber, or other contractors to come out and give you a bid. When you call BTR, you can count on us to go out to the property and handle all of that for you. We deliver our bid for you and your client at a competitive rate.  We then get the work done by closing. Making sure the deal closes quickly and helping free your time to do what you do best…..close more deals!


Quality Work

It is important to work with professionals in every sense of the word. At BTR, we make sure that your bids are handled quickly, you and your clients are treated right, but most importantly; the work is done, done on time, and it is done right. We guarantee our work, and we make sure that you and your clients are happy with the work done. So many people have a contractor “nightmare” story to tell. By having a contractor partner that you know you can call and rely on time and time again, you can feel confident for you and your clients.


Partnering with BTR is like having an in-house contractor- as your “partner” we consider ourselves an extension of you.

Having a contractor readily available, makes small repairs and projects just a phone call away. From large projects to small “handyman” repairs, we are here to help.

Customer Service and Quality Workmanship

Another benefit of working with BTR is that we make sure we represent you well when it comes to client facing interaction. We assign a project manager to each project and client. At BTR we make sure to represent you well with our quality work and our great customer service.